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Tips for Learning with Chinese Tutors

So you’re learning Mandarin with Chinese Tutor Singapore? How do you know you’re making the most out of your Chinese tutor?If you want more advanced lessons, it’s not enough to just be a passive learner.


Learning with different Chinese tutors will help you become confident enough to work in China and speak Mandarin fluently.

Here are some tips on learning with Chinese tutors:

1. Speak faster and with a sense of urgency.

Speaking faster and with a sense of urgency will make you learn better. There should be no dead air when you’re facing each other. Instead, you should be interrupting each other because you have many things to say. Both quality and quantity is achieved in this session.

2. You are the center of the universe.

You ought to be speaking 80% of the time and not the tutor. It should also be fast. You achieve mastery when you practice with yourself. This also allows you to make mistakes which gives you opportunities for feedback. When you get mental block, ask your tutor to be like a thesaurus to list down words which you can use.

3. Ask your tutor to provide you feedback.

If you’re talking a lot and your tutor just smiles and agrees, then there is a problem. This is also true if you know that you are making mistakes. You need to ask your tutor if you are saying awkward things, if there are better ways of saying them, if there’s another word that you don’t know.  This is where the tutor is most crucial.

4. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes.

Mistakes are opportunities for growth. When you make a pronunciation mistake, don’t ignore it. Deal with it. Find the correct answer and use it immediately. Those are situations where you learn the best. Once you stop making mistakes, you stop improving.

5. Talk about interesting stuff.

For you to be spending a lot of time talking and receiving criticism, you should be talking about things that are interesting for you. In addition, you want to learn words that you will frequently use.

6. Talk about challenging topics.

Don’t just learn the easy stuff. Try to challenge yourself by learning new words. Without a tutor, it would be more difficult to learn in the real world.

7. List new words and play with them.

The most effective way to learn Chinese is to list words and use them. Avoid words that you already are familiar with.



Sailing a Yacht

Yacht sailing is one of the most exciting things in your life. Remember that a yacht is a floating island which prevents you and your crew from drowning. That is why, you should know how to sail a yacht in case you want to rent from


Here are some steps in sailing a yacht.

1. Get to know your yacht. Know specific details about your yacht such as sails, lines, engines and of course the emergency equipment. Make sure that you double check the safety gear and engine before setting out to sail.

2. Set a crew meeting. Discuss the roles and responsibilities of each crew member. The crew should know the basics of sailing, the procedures for emergency and how to use the radio. Ask each crew member on basic yachting knowledge so that they can takeover from the skipper just in case he becomes unavailable.

3.Leave from the harbor under motor power. Set off under motor power instead of sail power, except when you do not have motor power. Raise your jib once the main is up. Turn to your preferred tack and gradually unfurl the jib and set it when you sail with an unfurling jib.

4. Be alert at all times. Sometimes you enjoy sailing so much that you lose track of time and don’t notice other things. However, it is essential that at least one member of the crew should be on a lookout for water obstructions like coral reefs or rocks, and potential weather changes. Vigilance is the most essential part of safety sailing and it should not be ignored.